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The second half of this year, garbage disposal and water costs are expected to "impose binding", subsistence allowances, and so is exempt from extremely poor families, this can make waste disposal charges, more than double the rate. Yesterday (June 24), the municipal government adopted the principle of executive meeting of the "Nanjing Garbage Disposal fees management approach "(the" Regulations ") have to be clear.

A new regulation: garbage disposal fees and charges of "tying" charge
According to statistics, the city (refer to Nanjing, same below) garbage output has reached more than 150 million tons. With the garbage disposal to promote industrialization, waste disposal methods mainly from landfill to incineration power to the main phase transition, dealing with a huge cost. Since 1994, the city garbage collection fee charging method as less advanced, the main take home pay, actual rates low, and some areas less than 20%.

Under the "management approach", the city where water and water companies to establish a contractual relationship for the user, by the water companies in water and sewage collection Water Department Reasonable time, together with the collection of garbage fees. Deputy Secretary for Urban Amenities, said Wang Yiqun, this chapter can be avoided by people who do not pay the polluter pays the bill paid. It is reported that, according to the "polluter pays" principle of international practice, in the future, the city may try to account under the water and refuse collection fees.

The new regulation 2: with or without property management, 5 yuan per month per household
Current waste disposal fee charges is no property management charge 5 yuan per household per month, with the property management of 2.5 yuan per household per month. Accordance with new regulations, waste disposal fee charges will be uniform standards by 5 yuan per month per charge.

Wang Yiqun have explained that the Provincial Price Bureau in 2000 had a clear, garbage fees are used for "sweeping, collection, transit transport and disposal." According to the latest spirit of the document the Ministry of Construction, the Provincial Price Bureau issued a document about the content of the waste disposal fee has been adjusted to primarily used for "municipal solid waste collection, transportation and disposal," no longer contains the "clean" content, so , whether or not property management, in accordance with the standard charge 5 yuan per month per household.

Three new regulations: minimal needs households, extremely poor households is exempt from
"Administrative Measure", in accordance with the collected first way to enjoy the minimum living guarantee of the family, City Union established special hardship families and non-profit social welfare institutions, etc., can be exempted from the waste disposal fee.

Four new rules: individuals do not pay the maximum fine of 500 garbage fee
For Failing to pay, the relevant departments will be ordered to pay, according to daily three thousandths Late Fee. That fails to pay for garbage fees imposed on the unit 3 times the maximum fine of not more than 3 million, three times the individual sentenced to a maximum fine of 500 yuan. Fails to do so with the sanction, the court will apply according to law enforcement.

Said Wang Yiqun, the charging method of reform, can more than double the rates for the city to speed up construction of waste treatment facilities to provide better funding.

Learned that the "management approach" to further refine the sound, the expected implementation in the second half.
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Nanjing: Garbage Disposal Fees And Charges Of "tying" Collection - Garbage, Jiangsu

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This article was published on 2011/01/06